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     You can contact us by using or e-mail addresses, and you can send to us your pest problems at your home, building or site. You will be informed by our expert personnels about how a service will be presented, which pesticides will be used etc. Once agreed on everything, our team performs spraying service on the date and time you desire at the address you give. After spraying service, an "Application Process Form of Biocidal Products" including details of spraying information is given.

     Please pay attention to the following issues:

1. It is a legal obligation that the company, which will apply pesticides, owns the "Certificate of Application Permission of Biocidal Products" approved by the Ministry of Health. Absolutely ask for this certificate.

2. Please pay attention whether the pesticides are approved by the Ministry of Health. In order to do this, learn the name of pesticides from the company and check that out from web-site.

3. Please want a referance list from the company, and check that out.

4. Please do not forget taking an "Application Process Form of Biocidal Products".

5. It is a good way to get spraying service for the entire building or site for both success of the fight against pests and the decrease in per capita cost.

6. Please think of the pesticides and the service quality while deciding which company will be accepted, not the cost of service.