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City Spraying

     City spraying is a municipal service in our country. For this reason, city spraying service is performed either by the team and equipment located within the municipalities or by the procurement of services prepared under the state procurement law. Our company has all the necessary documents and certificates to participate in procurement of services.

     In urban areas, main pests which cause problems are mosquitoes, houseflies and mice. These are followed by the problems that are created by ticks, fleas etc. City spraying is considered under the following headings:

     1. Fight Against Larvae

     2. Fight Against Adult

          2.1. Fight Against Mosquitoes

          2.2. Fight Against Houseflies

     3. Residual Fight

          3.1. Fight Against Cockroaches, Ticks etc.

          3.2. Fight Against Mice

1. Fight Against Larvae

     Physical fighting is the first and the most important stage against larvae of mosquitoes. For this purpose, small water-aggregation sources such as tires, bottles and buckets need to be reduced as possible by pouring the water out and gathering from nature. Growing the mosquito-fish within the knowledge of Provincial Ministry of Health in areas such as lakes and ponds where are not possible to be applied larvacides is the best applicable biological control method. Larvacide application is started to areas such as septic tanks and pools which contain standing water when air temperature reaches up to 13 oC, and continues every 15-20 days or more depending on the properties of the drug until air temperature falls below 13 oC.

2. Fight Against Adults

2.1 Fight Against Mosquitoes

     The fight against adults of moaquitoes is performed in two different periods of time. First one is the period of twilight and dark time after sunset when the adults of mosquitoes are highly active for feeding and breeding. In this period of time, streets are sprayed with the cool-fogging sprayers. Second is the light time of the day when the adults are passive to rest. Dark and moist areas such as green areas, under the bridges are sprayed in this time.

2.2 Fight Against Houseflies

     All the decomposing organic waste is suitable places for the larvae of houseflies to grow up. The most intelligent method is to minimize the growth of houseflies as possible, then to apply insecticides against adults. To keep the reproduction in a minimum level, the most successfull way is physical challenge. All of the organic wastes ( cattle and sheep wastes, domastic wastes etc.) should be isolated from the external environment to prevent contact with adults. In this way, it is prevented both the adults to lay and larvae found in waste to become adult. For the adults, it needs to apply insecticides.